These are the words we spoke on our wedding day to serve as a mission statement for our family

from a soft whisper to a thunderous roar, the call of God beckons beyond our comforts and securities. Where ever it leads, our family will follow the uncultured, undomesticated call of our God. A God who would never give us safety at the price of significance. We will raise our children to always chase after the Kingdom of Jesus of Nazareth – A man who had no home, yet lived in the Father’s love. Understanding the call and cost, we choose Jesus above all else.

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Updates to come...

     Ian and Rose Penwell (who are responsible for updating this website) have been in Boise, Idaho since August. They are teaching the Mercy In Action Midwifery Academic School and have been very busy.

Schedules will slow down soon and updates will follow. There have been many developments in the last few months that we will enjoy sharing with you.

Thank you