Old fashioned day at the beach
Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 11:11AM
Ian Penwell in Crystal Beach, surf

We have some friends from New Mexico visiting right now and thought it would be fun to take them to the beach. Although there were closer beachfronts, we decided to head about an hour north to see if we could find some waves. We stopped off for the day at Crystal Beach, a spot that Rose and I had surfed before; sadly, there were none to be had. Apparently the multiple storms that have passed through these last two years have altered the sandbed, so the waves are only up on rare occasion and breaking so close to the beach that by time you were riding it, you would be seconds from eating sand.

But we made the best of our day at the beach anyways. Since the best camera you have is the camera at hand (and I only had my phone camera at hand), I decided to add some filters to help soften the poor pixilation.

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