These are the words we spoke on our wedding day to serve as a mission statement for our family

from a soft whisper to a thunderous roar, the call of God beckons beyond our comforts and securities. Where ever it leads, our family will follow the uncultured, undomesticated call of our God. A God who would never give us safety at the price of significance. We will raise our children to always chase after the Kingdom of Jesus of Nazareth – A man who had no home, yet lived in the Father’s love. Understanding the call and cost, we choose Jesus above all else.

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...the cries of the voiceless

Too often the poor

    have no advocates. Their voices remain voiceless, their cries are left unheard. This forced silence on their behalf has opened the doors of injustice. Crimes can be committed against the poor simply because they are poor and have no representation, no advocates, no one speaking for their rights as sons and daughters of God.

Most often it’s women and children who suffer the worst at the hands of such injustice because they are the easiest to abuse and the easiest to ignore.

32,000 Children die every day from diseases that are easily treated and easily prevented. More than 560,000 women will not survive childbirth this year because they had no medical assistance. In the Philippine Islands, if a child’s mother dies, the child’s chance of living past the age of five becomes less than 50%. For years I would say that these un-necessary death tolls of the poor were from preventable causes. They are, but i believe these poor deserve more than our rational about why they are dying. So I now say that our women and children, our young and old men who have done nothing more then be born into poverty are not simply dying form preventable disease. The injustice of their disease is the fruit of our neglect. They die for lack of someone to care

In His day, Jesus spoke out against the widespread neglect and apathy towards the poor. He told the church that it is our job to care for the orphans, the widows, the homeless and the sick. And He said that all which we do for the least of these, we do for Him. The church today is still called to respond in compassion to the poor and weak. This is our response. We are suppose to meet the relevant needs of those whom Jesus finds relevant