These are the words we spoke on our wedding day to serve as a mission statement for our family

from a soft whisper to a thunderous roar, the call of God beckons beyond our comforts and securities. Where ever it leads, our family will follow the uncultured, undomesticated call of our God. A God who would never give us safety at the price of significance. We will raise our children to always chase after the Kingdom of Jesus of Nazareth – A man who had no home, yet lived in the Father’s love. Understanding the call and cost, we choose Jesus above all else.

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Diarrhea Informative Speech: COMM101

I've been taking online classes this last semester...actually, I just finished. One of my classes was a repeat of Communications 101. It was a repeat class because the first time I took COMM101 was at New Mexico State University in 2002 and my grades from that semester were so poor that I honestly didn't want to admit that I'd attended University before.

I don't think I did too poorly in Communications back then, but my grades certainly weren't helped by the fact that I stopped attending all my classes halfway through the semester; except golf....I like golf.

Anyways, I retook COMM101 this year, along with a few other classes (happy to say I got a 4.0), and I had to give two speeches during the semester. Since I like the look of the skeleton in the background, I figured I would post my speech here as well. It's on diarrhea. 





The Natural Alternative: Moving on...

Rose and I were extremely fortunate when we returned to Boise in 2008 and started our own home birth practice. Our honest intentions were to simply use the practice to stay involved with birth, while we expected it to be very small scale - maybe 2-3 births a year? We didn't anticipate the warm welcome we received from the midwifery community, both midwives and mothers. We certainly didn't expect to have the practice become a full time job for both Rose and I. We know how lucky we were.

 ...and now our time has come to leave again. We stopped taking new clients in the new year; Rose also worked temporarily for Treasure Valley Midwives the last three months before we left. In mid-April, we boarded a plane back to the Islands; The Philippine Islands, where we’ve lived before and our middle child (Selah Jeru) was born. Here we are working with Mercy In Action to build a new clinic to provide free maternity care for impoverished families.

We enjoyed our time in Boise and will be back to visit regularly. We loved being part of such an important event in so many families lives. Thank you

...To the Journey