Friday, June 17, 2011 at 3:27AM
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           today’s topic was “Disaster Preparedness” in our Cross-Cultural Maternal/Child Health Care & Disaster Preparedness Training: Making a Real Difference in the Developing World.  Vicki shared her story of sinking in the Philippines Sea in 2006, and I was reminded of just how impacting that was on our families during a season for Mercy In Action which was already pretty chaotic. As her son, I still feel a deep stirring over the texted words Sinking. I love you. This singular communication was sent to my father and was the last that those of us on land knew of Vicki’s situation for the next 8 or so hours. 

I highly suggest you give it a read; full story here


          the first week of training has come and gone and students have expressed both appreciation and astonishment over the information they are learning. The reality of poverty is a sobering one and it would be unnatural to look at situations of injustice and not feel inadequate to act. Actually, this is a good realization. We truly are inadequate to meet the need ourselves. The problems are so much bigger than any one of us....but one by one, we can work together to build the momentum necessary to make a real difference. 


one... by one... by one



here are some examples of the materials we covered this week

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