Mercy Midwives Birthing open
Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 8:32AM
Ian Penwell in Mercy Midwives, ragimuffins, scavenger, throwaways

With the permission from city hall in hand - a temporary clinic rented and renovated - and a competent and compassionate team of midwives, Mercy Midwives Birthing Home (our official name here in Olongapo) had our first birth this week! 



This is after endless hours of paperwork, a myriad of trips to city officials, and countless prayers for God to clear the way for us to open our doors to this community! We are strategically positioned between a resettlement village and garbage dump which people live on. The people we are directly reaching out to do not have enough money to buy food or even clothes to send their children to school. Our very reason for being here is exemplified in this first birth. The mother came from the garbage dump; this was her fourth child and the first time her husband has been able to be with her; she couldn’t have afforded a birth attendant even though the entire city government is pushing hard for 100% institutionalized births; her husbands occupation and only means of supporting the family?.. “Scavenger”.



But now Mercy in Action is here; doors barely opened; providing not just a safe and clean facility to give birth, but exemplary personalized care which is completely evidence based and completely respectful of the mother and child. We have built an environment which any one of us would be happy to delivery our own children in! And we gladly offer it, the finest we have to offer, to those who are poorest and most neglected; to those who have received the least; the throwaways and ragimuffins; the blessed and beloved in God’s eyes. There is much more work to be done, but we must take a moment to celebrate...



To see more pictures of current progress on clinic renovations... click here


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