One Day's Wages Cubo Grant 
Monday, August 22, 2011 at 6:07PM
Ian Penwell

  You know the feeling that comes from spending your time, energy and resources on something you really believe in? It's a good feeling... You know what it feels like when someone else believes in what you are doing too? That's a great feeling

One Day's Wages has partnered with Mercy in Action to build our Maternity Waiting Homes

We've been awarded a grant from One Day's Wages for the amount of $10,000 to build native-material houses (Cubos) which will be used by the Aeta women before and after they give birth

This is an integral element to our strategy to reduce maternal/newborn mortality in this under-served area of the Philippines. Women will be able to stay in the Cubos for several weeks prior to their delivery. The mountain trails from the Aeta villages can be treacherous and are a major barrier to women receiving care when they go into labor. Providing temporary housing will encourage more women to seek our care while also allowing us to ensure that the women who come to us receive highly nutritious meals in preparation for birth, improving their own health and that of their baby

The Cubos will also be used as a restful place for mothers and babies to recover for a few days after delivery, providing us a chance to encourage breastfeeding and bonding, as well as monitor for any possible complications during the most critical timeframe

As always, all of the care we provide is completely free. There will be no fee for the use of these Cubos, nor for the care received in our clinics

Thank you to One Day's Wages for believing in our work and joining with us toward safe motherhood and safe childhood; one good birth at a time














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