This is our family operated, Non-Profit Organization, Mercy In Action

which focuses on the crisis in Maternal/Newborn/Child health care worldwide. We have been establishing and funding free birth centers for poor families in the Philippines since 1992, and to date more than 12,000 babies have been delivered free of charge for the poorest of the poor in Mercy In Action's Birth Centers, and literally tens of thousands of lives have been helped and healed in the medical outreaches

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Donations needed

 I've had a few people ask what sort of donations are needed for our free maternity clinic and the other various outreaches we provide here in The Philippines; All of our services are completely free of charge, so donations are an essential and appreciated form of supporting our ongoing work. Below is a list of supplies that we need the most.

If you have no idea how to obtain these supplies but would like to support our work still, please consider making a tax-exempt financial donation, OR order from one of these websites and let them know you are donating them to Mercy In Action:


Medical Supplies


Online Donations


Mailed Donations

Mercy In Action

P.O. 2777

Paso Robles, CA 93447 USA 


 Supplies needed for donation

Prenatal vitamins

Iron supplements

Tylenol 500 mg

Antibiotic and antifungal ointment

Absorbable sutures 2.0-3.0

Micropore tape


Gauge 18 and 20 IV needles

IV tubing macrodrip

Oxygen masks/nasal cannula's for infants and adults

Sterile gloves size 7 to 8.5

Non-Sterile gloves size small and medium

Sterile Lubricating Jelly

Non-Sterile Lubricating Jelly (Like KY)

Sterile gauze 4"x4"

1cc and 3cc syringes

1"-1.5" needles

Small needles/syringes for Vit K for babies (like the ones used for insulin)


Alcohol prep pads


Measuring tapes

Blood pressure cuffs (good quality)

Infant + adult stethoscopes (preferably Littman because they last the longest)

Batteries, 9volt for dopplers

Sheets-fitted single and pillow cases

Towels for baby

Clothing for baby

Receiving blankets and wash cloths

Chux pads (disposable and cloth)

Urinalysis dipstick test strips

Glucometer test strips, any brand (we have lots of glucometers, but limited strips)

Nitrizine paper to test for amniotic fluid (test the ph)


Click here to contact us regarding shipping

If anyone has medical supplies or equipment which they are not sure we can use, feel free to send an email to the link above and we will answer with what our current need is. 


Thank you



Jun172011 one

           today’s topic was “Disaster Preparedness” in our Cross-Cultural Maternal/Child Health Care & Disaster Preparedness Training: Making a Real Difference in the Developing World.  Vicki shared her story of sinking in the Philippines Sea in 2006, and I was reminded of just how impacting that was on our families during a season for Mercy In Action which was already pretty chaotic. As her son, I still feel a deep stirring over the texted words Sinking. I love you. This singular communication was sent to my father and was the last that those of us on land knew of Vicki’s situation for the next 8 or so hours. 

I highly suggest you give it a read; full story here


          the first week of training has come and gone and students have expressed both appreciation and astonishment over the information they are learning. The reality of poverty is a sobering one and it would be unnatural to look at situations of injustice and not feel inadequate to act. Actually, this is a good realization. We truly are inadequate to meet the need ourselves. The problems are so much bigger than any one of us....but one by one, we can work together to build the momentum necessary to make a real difference. 


one... by one... by one



here are some examples of the materials we covered this week


A very busy month

This has been a very busy month and it's not going to slow down anytime soon. Although we have been working hard and feel the strain of exertion, the overall attitude today is that of joy. Joy for the progress we have seen. Joy for the favor we've been given. Joy for the honor of serving our God.

We were privileged to have Dr. Tim Herndon and his family (Sarah, David, & Aspen) visit us from New Mexico. They came equipped with medications and a willingness to serve. We took full advantage of having New Mexico’s top Pediatrician on hand by scheduling several medical camps where we gave free check ups, health advice, prayer, and medicine where appropriate.

More pics here




















This little guy was smiling so big just before I took the picture, then he got this sort of "glazed over" look just as I snapped the picture....he was peeing on my shoes at the time













The first week our temporary clinic was open we had four births. Four mothers who found support and kindness in their time of childbirth. Four beautiful babies welcomed into this world in the gentlest of ways. Four reminders to us of why we are here. Four does not seem like a lot at first, but being very new to the community, it speaks quite a bit about our potential growth and the need in this area. At this rate, we won’t be surprised if we outgrow this temp clinic very soon. We will continue to pray that God provides the means and trust that He will facilitate our growth.


We also welcomed a rather large team of Canadians and Americans who have come to help us physically build the vision for Mercyland; the mountainside property we have bought to build our clinic upon. While we are waiting for our building permits to come through for the clinic’s construction, we are able to build using native materials (bamboo, nepa, etc). The team is currently working on the small native houses which will lodge tribal women who will travel from deep in the mountains before they actually deliver, and which will serve as places they can recover for a few days with midwives support before they travel back into the mountains.


And in a huge show of celebration and partnership, our entire team went down to city hall as a courtesy call on the Mayor of Olongapo, the honorable James “Bong” Gordon who gave our clinic the Mayors Permit and took time to encourage us in the work we are doing for this community. 


As I write this quick summary, we are gearing up for the Cross-Cultural Maternal/Child Health Care & Disaster Preparedness Training which starts in two days. We're looking forward to a great class!

more info here



Mercy Midwives Birthing open

With the permission from city hall in hand - a temporary clinic rented and renovated - and a competent and compassionate team of midwives, Mercy Midwives Birthing Home (our official name here in Olongapo) had our first birth this week! 



This is after endless hours of paperwork, a myriad of trips to city officials, and countless prayers for God to clear the way for us to open our doors to this community! We are strategically positioned between a resettlement village and garbage dump which people live on. The people we are directly reaching out to do not have enough money to buy food or even clothes to send their children to school. Our very reason for being here is exemplified in this first birth. The mother came from the garbage dump; this was her fourth child and the first time her husband has been able to be with her; she couldn’t have afforded a birth attendant even though the entire city government is pushing hard for 100% institutionalized births; her husbands occupation and only means of supporting the family?.. “Scavenger”.



But now Mercy in Action is here; doors barely opened; providing not just a safe and clean facility to give birth, but exemplary personalized care which is completely evidence based and completely respectful of the mother and child. We have built an environment which any one of us would be happy to delivery our own children in! And we gladly offer it, the finest we have to offer, to those who are poorest and most neglected; to those who have received the least; the throwaways and ragimuffins; the blessed and beloved in God’s eyes. There is much more work to be done, but we must take a moment to celebrate...



To see more pictures of current progress on clinic renovations... click here



Korean Air Delivery: The dramatic retelling

It's always been a dream of mine to watch a dramatized reenactment of my life on Japanese television....well, my mom beat me to it. 

As many of you already know, Vicki was in the right place at the right time last November, as a woman traveling from LAX to Seoul went into active labor upon her same flight. Very fortunate for the mother (and all the other anxious airline travelers) that a midwife of 30 years experience and a Masters of Science in Midwifery happened to be sitting close enough to observe the classic labor signs, even as the mother herself was in denial as to what was beginning. Vic took charge of the situation by moving the mother to a secluded area of the plane and calmed everyone down; especially the mother. She prepared for possible complications as best she could, and helped facilitate this mother's ability to give birth - 37,000 feet above the ground.

The whole store is published here. All ended well, with a healthy and happy mother and baby. The news of the Mid-Pacific birth spread, and pretty soon Vic was contacted by a Japanese television program who wanted to interview her about the event. We all thought it was a news program until we watched the finished product; in actually, it is MUCH more interesting than some boring news clip. Prepare yourself for 15 minutes of awkward awesomeness - via Japanese gameshow!

 If Anyone is able to translate this, we would be greatly appreciative! for the real story. Here is the short YouTube clip of the actual birth - Baby Born at 37,000 ft